ivanhobe (ivanhobe) wrote,

Hello Everyone and welcome to da arkives.

Well, since i don´t really have use for a journal, i might as well use this space for something useful, like gathering all the articles i have written so i don´t lose them, i guess i will edit this thing often. Or not

BTW i am literally talking to myself so ignore this part.

List of Articles:

-Battle Of The Ages: Yes! Precure 5 VS Smile Precure
-Battle Of The Ages: Max Heart Movie 2 VS Splash Star Movie
-Battle Of The Ages: All Stars Deluxe VS All Stars New Stage
-Battle Of The Ages: All Stars Deluxe 2 VS All Stars New Stage 2
-De-Characterizing: Shiny Luminous
-De-Characterizing: Cure Blossom
-De-Characterizing: Cure Black
-De-Characterizing: Cure White
-De-Characterizing: Cure Pine
-De-Characterizing: Cure Berry
-De-Characterizing: Cure Peach
-De-Characterizing: Cure Passion
-De-Characterizing: Cure Marine
-De-Characterizing: Cure Sunshine
-Worth The Watch: Splash Star
-Worth The Watch: HeartCatch
-Worth The Watch: Suite
-Worth The Watch: Fresh
-Worth The Watch: Smile
-Worth The Watch: DokiDoki
-Worth The Watch: Happiness Charge
-Worth The Watch: Go! Princess

Toku Special:

-Part 1: Toku and You.
-Part 2: The Max Heartening.
-Part 3: The Dream Warriors.
-Part 4: A Fresh Hope Vol. 1
-Part 4: A Fresh Hope Vol. 2
-Part 5: A Good Day to Smile Charge!
-Part 6: The Curse of Aguri Madoka.

Well, that´s it for now, be free to do whatever you want.

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